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Yoga Practices for Combating Air Pollution: Inhaling toxic air poses challenges, leading to various respiratory issues such as throat irritation, coughing, burning eyes, and difficulty in breathing. While some resort to expensive air purifiers at home, yoga and pranayama offer a cost-effective and beneficial alternative to combat air pollution.

Yoga purifies the body’s channels, expelling harmful substances. Regular practice of yoga asanas and pranayama enhances lung capacity, thereby improving resistance against pollution. To effectively protect against air pollution, consider incorporating the following yoga and pranayama techniques.

1. Kapalbhati Pranayama:
Kapalbhati pranayama is highly beneficial for preventing air pollution-related issues. Deep breathing in this pranayama strengthens lung capacity and aids the body in oxygenating more efficiently. Regular practice enhances respiratory resistance and reduces breathing-related problems.

2. Bhastrika Pranayama:
Bhastrika pranayama increases blood circulation in the lungs, strengthening them. Daily practice improves lung capacity, enhancing the ability to combat the harmful effects of air pollution. This pranayama also boosts the speed and depth of breathing, ensuring the body receives an ample supply of oxygen.

3. Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose):
In Bhujangasana, the body is positioned like a snake, hence the name Cobra Pose. This asana enhances lung capacity and facilitates deep breathing. Applying pressure to the lungs during this pose strengthens them, promoting respiratory health. It is crucial to perform any yoga asana or pranayama correctly for optimal benefits; improper execution may not yield the desired results.

It is essential to note that before incorporating the techniques, methods, and suggestions mentioned in this article, consulting a doctor or a relevant expert is advisable.

By integrating these yoga practices into your routine, you can strengthen your respiratory system and build resilience against the harmful effects of air pollution.

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