Olivia Culpo opens up about her relationship with Nick Jonas & reveals how their breakup in 2015 affected her

In the The Culpo Sisters show premiere episode, Culpo opened up about their relationship with Nick Jonas

American Model Olivia Culpo reveals she thought she would marry American Singer Nick Jonas

Talking about the early days of their romance, the Olivia Culpo revealed that she moved to L.A. with Nick

Olivia recalled Olivia she didn't have a brand or money but decided because she was in love with Nick

However, Olivia Culpo revealed that she had "no sense of identity" after her breakup with American Singer Nick Jonas.

While Olivia had a hard time moving on from the relationship, she thinks the phase taught her never to give up.

She said, "I couldn't even buy my groceries. It was a serious, important moment for me, but it was something that taught me that you can't give up."

America Singer Nick Jonas is currently married to Indian actor Priyanka Chopra