Top 10 Strongest Army in the World 2022

10. Turkey

Turkey's armed forces are among the most powerful in the eastern Mediterranean

9. The United Kingdom

Despite a 20% drop in such force, it remains one of the top ten most formidable armed forces in the world.

8. Italy

The Italian military ranks are high because of the country's two operational aircraft carriers.

7. France

Despite its size, the French army is well trained, professional and capable of deploying enormous amounts of force.

6. South Korea

To deal with such eventualities, South Korea has a high number of submarines, attack helicopters, and active people.

5. Japan

It has the 4th-largest submarine fleet in the world. Japan's navy also has 4 aircraft carriers, however, they are only equipped with helicopters.

4. India

It has an estimated 1,444,000 active military personnel. India has the world's largest number of tanks (4,292), towed artillery (4,060), and fighter aircraft (538).

3. China

It has the largest army in the world in terms of manpower. It also has the second largest tank and submarine fleet in the world, after Russia and US

2. Russia

Russia has the most tanks in the world: 12,950, more than twice the number of tanks owned by the US.

1. The United States

The US possesses a fleet of ten aircraft carriers, which is its most significant conventional military advantage.