Some products keep popping up in your mind while others just disappear, for whatever reason, but these are the ones I couldn't get out of my head this year.

Pixi is a tiny self-flying drone made for taking photos and videos

1. Snap Pixy

Super73 isn't a new company, but its products are becoming more popular and trendy—which is why I was curious about its beefy, motorcycle-looking electric bike.

2. Super73-R Brooklyn

The June Oven includes several smart features, including being able to send a notification when your meal is almost done.

3. June Oven

T-Mobile's Home Internet service uses the company's 5G and LTE data to provide customers with internet throughout their home

4. T-Mobile Home Internet

The Schlage Encode Plus can be unlocked using Apple's home keys and a tap of your Apple Watch.

5. Schlage Encode Plus

In most cases, the Android OS uses the status bar or doesn't show information where a front camera would be making a hidden camera less meaningful.

6. ZTE Axon 40 Ultra

The Apple Watch Ultra can show how deep you dive along with the amount of time spent underwater and the water temperature.

7. Apple Watch Ultra