A group of Taylor Swift fans is suing Ticketmaster for mishandling the November 15 ticket sales for her Eras Tour.

Fan groups are suing the company for "cheating, price-fixing and antitrust infringement", alleging that it "deliberately deceived" that allowed scalpers to buy up the majority of tickets.

Ticketmaster controls the primary ticket sales market, and also has a stake in the secondary market.

The lawsuit alleges that they were "eager to allow" scalpers in the pre-sale program to collect additional fees on resale tickets.

The lawsuit argues that even if there was no intentional collusion, the company was unprepared for the ticketing assault, an allegation Swift herself has made.

The lawsuit asks the court to hit the company with a civil fine of $2,500 per violation, which adds up to a substantial amount for stadium shows.

Ticketmaster apologized to Swift and fans following the pre-sales, attributing the overwhelming surge and bot attacks for creating the high demand.

Swift claimed that she was "convinced" that Ticketmaster could handle the expected high demand for tickets.

Ticketmaster claimed that over 3.5 million people registered for the pre-sale, the largest registration in history.