A T. rex skull discovered in South Dakota is expected to sell for $15 million or more at auction in New York next month

A 200 pound skull fossil, nicknamed Maximus, is being sold on December 9 by an owner

T.rex Skull To Be Auctioned In New York

Skulls were excavated in 2020 and 2021 in Harding County, South Dakota, where other T. rex skeletons such as those of Sue and Stan were found.

Cassandra Hatton, Sotheby's head of science called the area “the world capital for Tyrannosaurus rexes

Most of the remains of this T. rex were destroyed by erosion over time, but experts Sotheby's said the skull was a major find.

Sotheby's experts said the 6 1/2-foot fossil is about 76 million years old and still contains most of the outer skull bones and many teeth.

 The two large puncture holes in the skull are evidence of a major battle, perhaps with another T. rex, Hatton said

Auction house expects dinosaur skull to sell for $15 to $25 million

T.rex Skull To Be Auctioned In New York 

T.rex Skull To Be Auctioned In New York