Power Ball Jackpot of $1.9 Billion gor delayed by some problems 

Powerball gave a  statement that the drawing had been delayed because  of  48 participating lotteries have  not been  processed its sales and play data.

Powerball has taken major steps in  security requirements to protect the  dignity of the game.

The winner would receive the largest payout in U.S. lottery history, eclipsing the $1.586 billion payout in 2016

That Powerball jackpot run ended on Oct. 4, 2021, with a $699.8 million winner in California after 41 drawings.

Monday night’s event, originally scheduled at 10:59 Eastern time, came after 40 straight drawings without a winner, tying a record set last year for the greatest number of consecutive drawings without a winner

Like the rest of America, and the world, I think we’re all eager to find out when this historic jackpot will eventually be won

Drew Svitko, the chairman of the Powerball Product Group and executive director of the Pennsylvania Lottery, said in a statement.

Try your luck if you believe in it .