NASA launched its moon rocket on the morning of November 16, bringing the US one step closer to returning astronauts to the Moon.

The Artemis I Moon rocket lifted off from Kennedy Space Center at approximately 1:44 p.m., marking the start of NASA's Artemis lunar exploration program.

“We rise together, back to the moon and beyond,” said launch commentator Derol Knell.

The Artemis I mission was delayed four times before Wednesday's successful launch due to a fuel leak and two tropical storms.

 Artemis I moon rocket

After fixing a new leak discovered during refueling on Tuesday and replacing the Ethernet switch, the mission was a success.

Artemis I moon rocket

During its mission, the rocket will propel Orion, an empty crew capsule with three test dummies, into orbit around the Moon.

 Artemis I moon rocket

According to NASA, the capsule will travel 280,000 miles from Earth and 40,000 miles from the far side of the Moon.

The data collected during this test flight will be used to launch manned missions to the Moon.