Emily Ratajkowski wore 3 TikTok trends at once

Photo: Felipe Ramales / SplashNews.com

She recently told British Vogue, "TikTok doesn't feel like social media."

Along with being an avid viewer, the model also regularly shares videos of herself on the platform.

EmRata is clearly keeping a close eye, as she wore several items that are on trend right now to her recent outing in New York.

She was seen walking her beloved dog Colombo wearing a distressed denim maxi-skirt, cowboy boots, and a conceal-and-reveal cardigan that was more sexy than comfortable.

In her Vogue interview, Emily said that she "learned a lot" by immersing herself in content on the Gen-Z platform.

While she has found inspiration herself, the model is also doing her bit to provide it with her own style posts.

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