Chris Evans named Sexiest man by a popular magzine

Chris Evans may have became old by age but he is still the sexiest man alive named by a popular  magzin ' People Magzine'.

"People's selection was announced Monday night on  late night show of Stephen Colbert's and then on the magzine website

Chris Evans He said to the magzine for the cover story that 'He's mom will be so pround of him'

He also mentioned

That his freinds will teasing him for this in a funny way

Among those likely to heckle him are co-stars and previous Sexiest Man Alive winners like Rudd, Ryan Reynolds and Chris Hemsworth. (Hemsworth, who plays Thor in the Marvel films, was the first Avenger to win People's annual honor, which was first handed out to Mel Gibson in 1985.)

His  age  : 41  13 , jun , 1981

Being 41 years old but still he is the sexiest man who still steal the hearts of young women

Chris Evans  Height : 6'0 ft

He is the Captain America whom childrens love the most