Clash of President's on Saturday 

 Swing-state Pennsylvania is the stage for a clash of presidents on Saturday as each party’s biggest stars

Former President Barack Obama opens the day at a Pittsburgh rally with Democratic Senate hopeful John Fetterman,

Former President Donald Trump, meanwhile, will finish the day courting voters in a working-class region in the southwestern corner of the state

As Biden’s approval numbers sag, the current president has been a far less visible presence in battleground states,

The flurry of presidential attention on Pennsylvania underscores the stakes in 2022 and beyond for a presidential battleground state hosting pivotal elections for the U.S. Senate

Obama campaigned in recent days across Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada and Arizona before hitting Pennsylvania.

Polls show a close contest between Trump’s preferred Senate candidate, Oz, and Biden’s choice, Fetterman, in the race to replace retiring GOP Sen. Pat Toomey.

The White House has worried privately for weeks that concerns about Fetterman’s health might undermine his candidacy.