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US Latest News Today (News21USA): In light of increasing tensions with China over Taiwan and other matters, as well as escalating friction with Russia due to its invasion of Ukraine, a bipartisan panel assembled by Congress has recommended that the United States be ready for the prospect of simultaneous wars with Russia and China. The report from the Strategic Posture Commission emphasizes the need for the U.S. to enhance its conventional forces, bolster alliances, and modernize its nuclear weapons program.

While the report does not conclusively demonstrate any coordination between Chinese and Russian nuclear weapons, the panel raises concerns about potential cooperation that could lead to a two-war scenario, according to an anonymous senior official involved in the report.

This recommendation departs from the current U.S. national security strategy, which focuses on winning one conflict while deterring another. To implement these changes would necessitate significant increases in defense spending, a challenge given uncertain congressional support. Despite budget constraints, the commission underscores the importance of these investments.

U.S. President Joe Biden’s stance on the adequacy of the current U.S. nuclear arsenal to deter both Russia and China differs from the commission’s perspective. The report argues that the U.S. and its allies must be prepared to deter and defeat both adversaries simultaneously to safeguard the international order and its values from authoritarian regimes in China and Russia.

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The Strategic Posture Commission, consisting of six Democrats and six Republicans, was established by Congress in 2022 to evaluate threats to the United States and propose changes to U.S. conventional and nuclear forces. The commission predicts that the Chinese and Russian threats will heighten in the 2027-2035 timeframe and calls for immediate decisions and preparations.

To meet these challenges, the report advocates full funding for the 30-year U.S. nuclear arms modernization program, which began in 2010 and was projected to cost $400 billion by 2046. This funding should encompass the upgrade of all warheads, delivery systems, and infrastructure, as well as the extension of the operational lifespan of ballistic missile submarines and the deployment of additional tactical nuclear weapons in Asia and Europe.

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