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The Seven Different Types of Male Personalities – Which One Are You?


The 7 Male Personality Types (News21USA) – Understanding the different traits and characteristics of men can be helpful in many aspects of life, whether it be for personal growth, relationships, or simply to better understand the people around you.

In the animal kingdom, the alpha male is the one who gets all the females for procreation purposes. But in the human world, different personality types can be attractive to women. Sure, alpha males can be undeniably attractive, but it’s actually the combination of different personality types that makes a man truly desirable.

And because different women are attracted to different male personalities, understanding the various types can help you find your perfect match.

Let’s dive into the seven different types of male personalities, from the dominant alpha to the laid back omega, and everything in between!

Alfa Male


Examples: a successful CEO, an elite athlete, or a confident, charismatic politician.
Ideal partner: beta female.
An alpha male is the head of the pack: strong, confident, determined, and respected by all. They might seem intimidating at first, but deep down, they’re just big squishy.

This «bad boy» generally believes that he can have any woman he wants, and he may be right because he has it all: charm, charisma, and the ability to make tough decisions for himself and his woman.

These traits often make alpha males the life of the party. They are the ones who lead the pack on a night out and always know the best place for a drink. And who wouldn’t want to be with someone who can take charge and make decisions?

But be warned: dating an alpha male can be a bit hit and miss. They are known for their big egos and can be difficult to work with when they are proven wrong. But they tend to have charming personalities that can make up for their difficult behavior.

Just don’t expect to find much comfort or support from an alpha male, they’re not exactly known for their parenting ways.

Beta Male


• Examples: a teacher, a social worker or a sensitive artist.
• Ideal partner: alpha female.
In the context of social hierarchy, a beta male is often seen as the «nice guy» or «mate» of the alpha male. They are less assertive and more inclined to follow rather than lead.

But that doesn’t mean beta males are weaker or less valuable in any way. In fact, they can bring many positive qualities to the table, such as being trustworthy, supportive, and wise.

Unlike alpha males, beta males are more sensitive, less aggressive, and can handle criticism well. They are also the ones who are willing to listen and offer helpful advice instead of always trying to be the center of attention.

These guys might have been the quiet, nerdy types in school who got picked on a bit, but as adults, they’ve become light-hearted and emotionally intelligent.

Just don’t expect them to be your wild and wacky party companions – beta males make great friends, but they may not make for the most exciting romantic partners!

Delta Male


• Examples: a financial analyst, a business manager or a lawyer.
• Ideal couple: female gamma.
The term «delta male» is often used to describe a man at the bottom end of the social hierarchy and can be seen as submissive or lacking in confidence.

Delta males have not had the best luck in life. They may have been alpha or gamma personalities at one point, but something tragic probably happened that caused them to change. Deltas are very private people who tend to be aloof and apathetic. They can be resentful and are often not very welcome at social events because of this. They tend to feel lonely as a result.

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A Delta male is seen as the «average» guy in the social hierarchy: the one who goes to work contributes to the community and takes pride in his accomplishments.

These guys may not be the alphas or betas of the group, but they are the backbone of society and they get things done. Delta males are also likely to move up or down the hierarchy, based on their actions and choices.

They don’t feel the need to constantly please alpha males and aren’t even interested in leading the pack, they just want respect and recognition for their skills and contributions.

Gamma Male


• Examples: a painter, a musician or a writer.
• Ideal partner: delta woman
Gamma males are all about striking the perfect balance between fun and responsibility. They’re the life of the party, but they also know when it’s time to get down to business. Gamma Men constantly need adventure and excitement in their lives and don’t want to sit idle for long.

These guys are known for their knowledge, kindness, and empathy. They can be hopeless romantics at heart, which leads them to struggle in the dating market and sometimes misunderstand women.

However, women are lucky to have a gamma male in their life, as they will do everything in their power to satisfy their partner’s needs and make her happy.

Gamma males also tend to display some feminine behaviors, expectations, and values in order to win the heart of their partner. They put their family first and prioritize their loved ones in any situation.

Omega Male


• Examples: Not specified.
• Ideal combination: not specified.
Introverted and laid back, omega males are the most laid back guys around. They are all about having a good time and living in the moment and are a bit reluctant to embrace traditional social norms like marriage, family and a 9 to 5 job.

Omega males can be a bit immature and irresponsible at times, and they may not have the same level of ambition as other people. They may have been bullied at school or college because of their behavior.

On the plus side, omegas are surprisingly smart, they just don’t always act that smart. They can perfectly recite historical dates and events while playing a video game or solving a challenging crossword puzzle while lounging on the couch, but they don’t seem to have much interest in anything else.

Sigma Male


• Examples: a freelance artist or small business owner.
• Ideal combination: not specified.
The sigma male is a bit of a mystery. They are a calm and introverted version of the alpha male, they are the lone wolves of the social hierarchy: they do things their own way and do not need anyone else to be happy and successful.

These guys are independent and self-sufficient and don’t need to be part of a group or follow the crowd to feel satisfied. They prioritize their own needs and values and don’t mind being alone; in fact, they may prefer it because companionship can slow them down.

Sigma men don’t need attention and prefer to lie low, offering other men the chance to be at the top of the social pecking order without all the loud and flashy behavior!

Zeta Male


• Examples: a computer programmer, a scientist, or an engineer.
• Ideal partner: alpha female
The zeta male is a bit of a rebel: he has rejected traditional expectations of what it means to be a man, such as being a provider and protector.

Zeta men do not conform to conventional beliefs and refuse to be influenced or shamed by anyone. Instead, they don’t follow societal expectations and confidently live life on their own terms.

They are very independent and may have difficulty adjusting to traditional social norms. But that’s okay because they are self-aware and know their own beliefs and values. They live authentically and don’t care what others think of them.

With their unique perspective, zeta males have the potential to be very successful in life. They are not easily distracted by social pressures and are focused on their goals.

Male Personality Types – Final Thoughts


Always one step ahead of the game, the ancient Greeks devised this fancy alphabetical system to categorize men and women into different personality types, ranging from alpha males (confident and assertive) to beta females (caring and adaptable), all in the name of helping us find our perfect match.

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Use this knowledge to your advantage and see if this alphabetical system can help you find yourself, a love, a job or something else. Don’t forget that these terms are not set in stone, and that men can exhibit different characteristics at different times, understanding men’s personalities can only give you an idea of how they might work together as a couple.

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