The man stands in front of the truck
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‘LEGAL THEFT’: Texas class action lawsuit targets to form it more unprecedented for police, prosecutors to gain cash – News21USA

A Texas judge cleared a hurdle for a constitutional class-action lawsuit that alleged law enforcement in one of the nation’s largest counties regularly seizes cash and cars from people who have never been convicted of a crime. “Harris County has one of the most abusive forfeiture programs in the country,” said attorney Wesley Hottot of

Fake priest targets Texas churches, officials say
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Fake priest targets Texas churches, officials say – News21USA

A man posing as a priest calling himself Father Martin stole $500 from a Houston church and showed up at six other parishes in Dallas last month, prompting security warnings among Texas dioceses, officials said, of the church. The unidentified man has also been active in California, Oregon and Ontario, according to March and April

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