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Only one type of alien life-form could make it to earth’s doorstep, expert argues – US News Today

By entering your email, you agree to the News21USA News Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, including our Financial Incentive Notice. To access the content, check your email and follow the instructions provided. A renowned astrophysicist is criticizing reports of alien sightings in Earth’s atmosphere, arguing that biological creatures could not survive a trip to […]

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Seattle shelter for Native people set to close as U.S. hits highest reported level of homelessness – News21USA

Homelessness in the United States is at a record high, according to new data released by the federal government this week. And as in previous years, indigenous people are overrepresented among homeless Americans. Members of the Chief Seattle Club, a nonprofit organization serving Seattle’s indigenous people, are especially aware of what homeless people in their

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Keena the canine is on a mission to find water leaks – News21USA

DELAWARE – Del-Co Water Company, a member-owned water provider that has proudly served Delaware, Marion, Morrow and five other counties for more than 50 years, has expanded its team. They are proud to present Keena, a leak detection canine. Keena is a Belgian Malinois trained to detect the odor of treated drinking water. Zach Lohr,

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Massachusetts attorney general files civil rights lawsuit against white nationalist group – News21USA

BOSTON– The Massachusetts attorney general filed a lawsuit accusing a white nationalist group of civil rights violations, saying it repeatedly subjected LGBTQ+ events and facilities that house immigrant families to intimidation and harassment. The complaint filed Thursday against NSC-131 and two of its leaders, Christopher Hood of Newburyport and Liam McNeil of Waltham, accuses the

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