The photo shows a person riding a bicycle on the Oberlin campus.
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Scandal-plagued liberal university faces new investigation into anti-Semitism and acceptance of Hamas – News21USA

Scenic Ohio-based Oberlin College has been rocked again by a major anti-Semitism scandal, and the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights is investigating the college for failing to stop harassment of Jewish students. The new federal investigation is just the latest setback for the liberal arts college, which has been reeling from a […]

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Growing concerns from allies over Israel’s approach to fighting Hamas as civilian casualties rise – News21USA

DEIR AL-BALAH, Gaza Strip (News21USA) — Israel’s prime minister responded Saturday to growing calls from Western allies for more to be done to protect Palestinian civilians, as troops approached Gaza’s largest hospital. Gaza, which Israel says is Hamas’ main command post, but still hosts thousands of patients and people seeking refuge. Benjamin Netanyahu said responsibility

The aftermath of the massacre at the Supernova music festival, where at least one woman was allegedly raped
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Captured Hamas terrorists could be charged with rape – News21USA

Israel is reportedly considering charging Hamas fighters with rape, after a witness testified about an alleged gang rape at the site of the Supernova music festival massacre. Investigators from the Israeli police’s Lahav 433 national crime unit have collected evidence of sexual crimes against women by Hamas attackers during the deadly October 7 cross-border raid,

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Isreal-Hamas Conflict: Analysis-With hostages in mind, Israel slowly advances ground offensive in Gaza – News21USA

Isreal-Hamas Conflict (News21USA) – Israeli forces are slowly advancing their ground offensive in Gaza, in part to keep open the possibility of drawing in Hamas militants to negotiate the release of more than 200 hostages, military specialists consulted by News21USA said. The relative caution with which Israeli troops have taken and secured swathes of territory

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