Man Allegedly Pulls Gun on 6-Year-Old Boy Who Left Bag of Halloween Goodies at Wrong House

A New York man allegedly pointed a gun at the head of a 6-year-old boy who had left a bag of Halloween goodies at the wrong house and went to retrieve it, police said.

Michael Yifan Wen, 43, of Manhasset, was arrested and charged with second-degree menacing and endangering the welfare of a child, Nassau County police said in a statement.

The incident began Saturday when a mother brought her daughter, two sons and a nephew to the home on Rockcrest Road. Her 10-year-old daughter and her 6-year-old son rang the doorbell and left a bag of Halloween gifts for the girl’s friend on the porch, police said.

A house in Manhasset, New York (WNBC)
A house in Manhasset, New York (News21USA)

When the children returned to the car, the girl told her mother that the address might have been wrong, so they returned and the boy went up to the porch to fill the bag with candy, police said.

That’s when the man opened the door and pointed a gun at the boy’s head, they said.

Police later determined it was the wrong address.

Wen’s attorney, Roger Blank, said Tuesday that his client is presumed innocent.

“These are just accusations,” he said. Blank asked the public to refrain from jumping to conclusions “before the facts come to light.”

Other cases of people mistakenly showing up at the wrong house have turned deadly this year.

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