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A truck drove around the Harvard University campus on Wednesday displaying the names and faces of several students allegedly affiliated with student groups that co-signed a letter blaming Israel for the Hamas attack.

The hack claimed by the conservative media group Accuracy in Media comes after several CEOs asked Harvard to reveal the names of students affiliated with groups linked to the controversial letter that blamed Israel solely for the attack.

The sign called the students “Harvard’s leading anti-Semites.”

In a post on X, hedge fund CEO Bill Ackman asked that the students be named so that he and other companies do not hire them.

“We should not be able to hide behind a corporate shield by issuing statements supporting the actions of terrorists,” Ackman wrote.

In response to Ackman, several executive directors supported his call to appoint the students.

“I wish I knew so I know I should never hire these people,” said Jonathan Neman, CEO of the Sweetgreen restaurant chain.

Student groups withdraw their signature amid violent reactions

According to the Harvard Crimson, 34 groups of Harvard students initially signed the statement originally written by the Harvard Undergraduate Palestinian Solidarity Committee.

“The apartheid regime is solely to blame,” the statement said.

‘No student group’ speaks for Harvard

Following the national attention the statement garnered, the university distanced itself from the statements.

“Let me also state, in this matter as in others, that while our students have the right to speak for themselves, no group of students – not even 30 groups of students – speak on behalf of Harvard University or its leaders.” Harvard President Claudine Gay said in a statement Tuesday.
As of Wednesday, at least eight groups have removed their signatures amid growing national backlash and doxing, the Crimson reported. At least four sites have published the students’ names and contact information.

In a statement to students Wednesday night, Harvard Executive Vice President Meredith L. Weenick criticized online bullying and harassment.”

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“I am writing to you tonight to assure you that the University takes the safety and well-being of every member of our community seriously. We do not tolerate or ignore bullying. We do not tolerate or ignore threats or acts of harassment or violence,” Weenick wrote.

Additionally, Weenick said the Harvard University Police Department will increase its presence on campus as a precaution.

War in the Middle East

Hundreds of Israelis and Palestinians have been killed and thousands more wounded on both sides since Saturday. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared war after about 1,000 Hamas fighters stormed across the Israeli border by land and sea in an attack that took the Israeli army by surprise.

“We are at war and we will win it,” Netanyahu said.

Israel then launched retaliatory military strikes on Gaza, leveling buildings. Israel has also tightened its blockade of food, fuel and medicine. The attacks have continued and the death toll on both sides continues to rise.

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