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China Bans Use Of iPhones In Government Offices; Asks Employees Not To Bring It


China Bans Iphones, Latest News Today (News21USA) : China has reportedly issued directives to officials at central government agencies, instructing them to refrain from using Apple iPhones and other foreign-branded devices for work purposes or bringing them into government offices, as disclosed by sources familiar with the situation. These directives have been disseminated by higher-ranking authorities to their respective staff in recent weeks, albeit the extent of their distribution remains unclear, as reported by the

Implications Amid Apple’s New iPhone Launch

This development precedes an upcoming Apple event that analysts speculate will unveil a new line of iPhones. The ban, which predominantly targets Apple devices, may spark apprehension among foreign companies operating in China. This move is set against the backdrop of escalating tensions between China and the United States, adding another layer of complexity to international business relations.

Notably, the WSJ report did not mention any specific smartphone manufacturers apart from Apple. Both Apple and China’s State Council Information Office, responsible for handling media inquiries on behalf of the Chinese government, have yet to respond to requests for comments from Reuters.

China’s Growing Emphasis on Data Security

China has been intensifying its focus on data security in recent years, introducing new legislation and compliance requirements for companies. In May, it called upon major state-owned enterprises (SOEs) to play a pivotal role in achieving technological self-reliance, heightening competition amid growing tensions with the United States.

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Sino-U.S. Tensions and Impact on Businesses

Sino-U.S. tensions have been running high, with Washington collaborating with allies to impede China’s access to crucial equipment essential for its competitive chip industry. Concurrently, Beijing has imposed restrictions on shipments from prominent U.S. corporations, including Boeing and Micron Technology.

During a recent visit to China, U.S. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo noted that U.S. companies had voiced concerns about China becoming an «uninvestible» destination due to fines, raids, and other actions that have raised business risks in the world’s second-largest economy.

China’s latest move echoes similar bans instituted by the United States against Chinese smartphone giant Huawei and the short video platform TikTok, owned by China’s ByteDance.

Apple’s Significance in the Chinese Market

It is crucial to recognize that China constitutes one of Apple’s largest markets, contributing nearly one-fifth of the company’s total revenue. Consequently, any actions taken by the Chinese government regarding Apple devices have far-reaching implications for the tech giant’s global operations and profitability.

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