“Breaking: Death Toll Surges to 300+,  1,590 people wounded in Hamas Strike on Israel, Netanyahu Vows to Win War”

Death Toll In Israel (News21USA): The death toll resulting from the multi-front attack by the Hamas terror group on Israel has surged to over 300, according to reports in Hebrew-language media, citing medical authorities (The Times of Israel). Regrettably, this toll is anticipated to continue rising, with numerous individuals seriously wounded, amounting to as many as 1,590 casualties.

Reports suggest that both civilians and Israel Defense Forces (IDF) soldiers may have been taken hostage by Hamas and transported into Gaza. In fact, Hamas has boasted that the number of hostages exceeds Israel’s knowledge in this matter (The Times of Israel).

The situation unfolded around 6:30 a.m. local time on Saturday, commencing with a barrage of rocket fire from Gaza into Israel, striking various cities, including Tel Aviv, Rehovot, Gedera, and Ashkelon. Subsequently, several Hamas terrorists infiltrated Israel from the Gaza Strip, taking control of Israeli towns.

Hamas military commander Muhammad Al-Deif dubbed the operation “Al-Aqsa Storm” and framed the assault on Israel as a response to attacks on women, the desecration of the al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, and the ongoing siege of Gaza, as reported by CNN.

Graphic videos depicted bodies strewn across the streets of the southern city of Sderot following the attack by Palestinian militants. Cars bore the scars of bullet impacts and fires, as detailed by The Washington Post.

Simultaneously, the IDF reported that it had neutralized seven terrorists attempting to infiltrate Israel through Zikim Beach, just north of Gaza. The IDF’s prompt action prevented the terrorists from infiltrating Israeli communities. Additionally, the military announced that it had recently targeted three operational sites utilized by Hamas in Gaza (The Times of Israel).

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Israeli security forces successfully rescued an undisclosed number of individuals who had been taken hostage in a residence in the southern town of Ofakim. The terrorists responsible for the hostage situation were eliminated, as per reports.

Moreover, a spokesperson for the IDF conveyed that his country had yet to regain full control in the aftermath of Hamas’ Saturday attacks. Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus stated, “There are still active battles between Israeli security forces and terrorists inside Gaza. Unfortunately, we have not yet been able to re-establish full control over all of our communities and all of our bases.” He emphasized that this remains a top priority (CNN, The Hill).

In response to these harrowing events, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu characterized Hamas’ actions as the commencement of a cruel and evil war. He assured that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) would employ all its capabilities to obliterate Hamas’ military capacity.

“Hamas forces invaded Israeli territory this morning, on the morning of a holiday and Shabbat, and murdered innocent civilians, children, and the elderly. Hamas started a cruel and evil war. We will win this war, but the price is too heavy to bear. This is a very difficult day for all of us,” Netanyahu conveyed in a statement on Sunday (X).

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