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«Biden Administration Announces $9 Billion Student Debt Relief, Benefitting 125,000 Americans» – News21USA


Student Loan Forgiveness, US News Today (News21USA) : The Biden administration has unveiled a new student debt relief initiative that will alleviate $9 billion in debt for 125,000 individuals.

This relief package is targeted at specific groups within the population, including $2.8 billion for 51,000 borrowers who have made payments on their loans for at least 20 years. An additional $5.2 billion will be allocated to 53,000 individuals under the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program, and $1.2 billion in debt relief will be granted to 22,000 borrowers with permanent disabilities.

The White House stated, «President Biden has long believed that college should be a ticket to the middle class, not a burden that weighs on families.» This latest announcement builds upon previous efforts by the Biden-Harris Administration to make college more affordable and ensure that student loans do not impede opportunities for students and families.

This development follows the Biden administration’s pursuit of alternative approaches to student loan forgiveness following a Supreme Court decision in June that eliminated the possibility of forgiving tens of thousands of dollars in debt for many Americans. The original plan aimed to forgive up to $20,000 in individual loan debt per borrower but faced opposition from Republican-led states in the Supreme Court.

Federal student loan repayments were also set to resume this month after being paused during much of the pandemic.

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As part of this latest relief effort, the Education Department has released a state-by-state breakdown illustrating the widespread impact of debt forgiveness, with hundreds of millions of dollars allocated to this initiative in nearly every state.

Education Secretary Miguel Cardona emphasized that this announcement builds upon the administration’s existing efforts to protect students from unaffordable debt, make repayment more manageable, and ensure that investments in higher education are beneficial for students and their families.

Since taking office, President Biden’s administration has implemented various reforms, including debt relief for defrauded or disabled students and public service workers, resulting in $127 billion in total debt cancellation for almost 4 million individuals. However, these debt cancellations have fallen short of the expectations of progressive Democrats in Congress, leaving much of the middle class without relief.

President Biden has pledged to explore alternative avenues for debt relief through the Higher Education Act after the Supreme Court’s rejection of his initial loan forgiveness program. In August, the administration introduced an affordable student loan repayment plan aimed at making monthly payments more affordable and preventing balances from growing due to unpaid interest.

Efforts to provide further student debt relief may face challenges in Congress, as Republican lawmakers are likely to oppose such proposals from the White House. The Education Department has established a committee to explore additional solutions to assist borrowers.

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